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Debate-Inspired Teacher Employs Debate Concepts in Math

March 16, 2022 | By Jackney Joseph

Reflecting on Math Conversations

We’re excited to share two videos in a series featuring Debate-Inspired Classrooms teachers. In these two featured videos, we visit Connell Cloyd’s 7th grade Algebra class at the Henderson K-12 Inclusion School. Connell uses Math Interview and Carousel, activities developed by the Boston Debate League’s Debate Inspired Classrooms program team.

Math isn’t typically a subject associated with discussion or argumentation, but in each video Connell explains how he uses the Math Interview and Carousel activities to prompt conversations between students to strengthen their math reasoning and understanding. Each activity is designed to help students slow down and develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. These activities exemplify the Debate – Inspired Classroom model of engagement, prompting students to voice their decision-making process and deepen their reasoning skills.

The Edutopia website, published by the George Lucas Educational Foundation, provides resources for teachers across the nation and beyond. Connell’s video is the second of several featuring Debate-Inspired Classrooms teachers; the next set of videos is currently in production. View the first video in the series featuring Debate-Inspired Classroom teacher Mary Dibinga’s 10th grade English class.

In addition to the videos, we will provide downloadable activities for teachers on Edutopia to use in their own classrooms. Edutopia shines a spotlight on what works in education; through this partnership, the benefits of debate-inspired learning can reach far beyond Boston Public Schools.

“Are you able to articulate yourself using that math language? […] I’m looking to see how well they are engaging each other in the interview.”
– Connell Cloyd

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