Boston Debate League

Corporate Sponsorship

Invest in the Next Generation of Critical Thinkers

The Boston Debate League creates educational spaces for young people to think critically, improve their literacy skills, practice fact-based argumentation skills, and collaborate with their peers in a positive way. BDL’s work is having an impact on graduation rates and college readiness. Join Boston’s philanthropic community and become a sponsor and make a long-term commitment to the academic and civic lives of thousands of young people each year through BDL. Mission-driven philanthropic leaders like you make BDL’s work and impact possible.

Corporate Sponsors receive brand recognition, engage in meaningful volunteer opportunities, participate in tournaments, and help make the following annual student and program outcomes possible:

  • 850 students from 41 middle and high schools in Boston and beyond have access to debate each year
  • 400 students actively debate in 3 or more tournaments
  • 500 volunteers serve as debate judges to ensure students get valuable feedback during debate rounds
  • 200 debaters prepare for success through Summer Debate Camp
  • 90% of debaters graduate on time, compared to only 71% of students who do not debate

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