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Partner Schools

Our experienced team of Instructional Coaches provide professional development and 1:1 support to educators at our partner schools, across content areas and grade levels. With the support of our team, educators utilize the Debate-Inspired Classrooms™ instructional approach, creating classroom communities where students build argumentation skills; talk with, question, and collaborate with each other; and lead and learn from one another. These are essential skills that give students power and agency over their own education.

We offer two partnership models: The Debate-Inspired Classrooms™ schoolwide model is a three-year engagement designed to support the development of all teachers across all subjects in the school, and ultimately support the learning of every student in the school. In the cohort model, a cohort of 4-6 teachers in a school commits for two years to the work of debate-inspired practices in their classrooms. The BDL provides intensive one-on-one coaching for all teachers in the cohort. We also offer alumni schools the opportunity to stay engaged. See below for a list of our current partners.

Schoolwide Model
  • Boston Collaborative High School (Year 1)
  • Community Academy of Science & Health (Year 1)
Cohort Model
  • Burke High School
  • Henderson Inclusion Upper School (CZI Cohort)
  • Madison Park Technical & Vocational High School
Alumni Model
  • Margarita Muñiz Academy
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