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Debate-Inspired Classrooms

Discourse. Vibrancy. Engagement. Anti-racism.
These are the elements of a debate-inspired classroom.

In the Debate-Inspired Classrooms program, BDL’s Instructional Coaches work with teachers, school leaders, and entire school communities to cultivate exciting and buzzing classrooms in which students experience both rigor and joy in learning.

Through Debate-Inspired Classrooms, all students can gain the tremendous academic and social benefits of debate.

An Anti-Racist Approach

In response to the landscape in education and the global context in which young people learn, we are committed to supporting young people in building the power and agency to challenge injustice.

We believe that a debate-inspired classroom is an anti-racist classroom. In anti-racist classrooms, students and teachers see themselves and their lived experiences as valued; experience classrooms in which they are free to be their full selves; act as both leaders and learners in the classroom community; and develop skills and agency to disrupt racism.

English Language Arts

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Try the Scavenger Hunt activity in your classroom.


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Try the Math Interview activity in your classroom.

"[Debate-Inspired Classrooms] is about equity. When I hear students stand up in a classroom and use their voice, with a thought process, with evidence, that’s a beautiful thing. Because most of our students are marginalized, they haven’t had voice in any process…with [Debate-Inspired Classrooms], they get a voice."

- Lindsa McIntyre, BPS High School Superintendent & former principal at Jeremiah E. Burke High School

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