Boston Debate League

Edutopia Features Debate-Inspired Teacher

December 21, 2021 | By Sara Gill

A Spotlight on What Works

We’re excited to share this new Edutopia video, featuring Debate-Inspired Classrooms teacher Mary Dibinga’s tenth grade English class at Boston Latin Academy. In the video, we see Mary using a modified version of one of our debate-inspired activities, Scavenger Hunt. Mary explains how and why she uses this activity, and what it yields amongst her students. Like all activities in the Debate-Inspired Classrooms model, Scavenger Hunt centers student voice in the classroom, helping to cultivate the 21st century skills that will prepare students for future success.

The Edutopia website, published by the George Lucas Educational Foundation, provides resources for teachers across the nation and beyond. Mary’s video is the first of several featuring Debate-Inspired Classrooms teachers; the next set of videos is currently in production.

In addition to the videos, we will be providing downloadable activities and other content for teachers on Edutopia to use in their own classrooms. Edutopia shines a spotlight on what works in education; through this partnership, the benefits of debate-inspired learning can reach far beyond Boston Public Schools.

“After doing [the Scavenger Hunt activity] today in class, I know that I’ll see a marked change in everyone’s paragraph writing.”
– Mary Dibinga