Boston Debate League

Volunteer Resources

English  |  En Español

General Resources for Volunteers

FAQ on Virtual Volunteering: frequently asked questions about registering and preparing for virtual tournaments 

New Judge Training: self-paced, virtual course available in both English and Spanish for first-time judges or for those who’d like a refresher

2021-2022 Volunteer Judge Guide: written summary and companion guide to New Judge Training 

English Speech Order Guide | Spanish Speech Order Guide: a one-page overview of the order, purpose, and timing of speeches

Guide to Flowing: a guide to taking more effective notes while judging

Resources for Virtual Tournaments

Written Guide to Navigating Virtual Tournaments: instructions for accessing the tournament using Yaatly, completing your ballot using, and getting help

Screencast: Navigating Virtual Tournaments: video instructions for accessing the tournament using Yaatly and completing your ballot using

Topic Resources

2021-2022 Topic Paper: an overview of this year’s topic, water resources 

Debate Resources for Returning Judges videos on disadvantages, counterplans, topicality, and more

Go Fight Win: videos on everything from introductory to advanced topics

Dr. Debate: videos on beginner through advanced strategy and arguments