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Engaged in critical discourse. Informed by evidence. Empowered to lead.

The Debate en Español division exists throughout the program year alongside our English policy debate division. Debate en Español and English-speaking debaters compete at the same tournaments, scrimmages, Debate Academies, and other BDL programming. At tournaments, the Debate en Español debate rounds occur fully in Spanish, including the judging.

The Debate en Español debaters and coaches engage in other community and corporate events, including the annual Celebrando Cuestra Comunidad event, and corporate events that highlight the value of the Spanish language within the professional world.

Goals of Debate en Español:


Foster opportunities for students to engage in critical discourse and complex ideas in Spanish within BDL programming.


Build the debate skills of native Spanish speakers in their L1 (first language) from a Novice to a Varsity debate level.


Provide an inclusive, joyful community that centers and celebrates Spanish and Spanish-speaking cultures.

"Debate made me feel part of a family, and those who know me know how much and how important that is to me... The impact that the debate had on me was so great that I always wanted to come and practice; I always wanted to come to debate."

- Julio Nivar, former debater from Boston International High School