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Debate en Español en Nueva York

February 7, 2024 | By David Rivera

Liderando a Través del Español

Los debatientes del programa de Debate en Español (DeE) de la Liga de Debate de Boston (BDL, por sus siglas en inglés) constantemente están mejorando sus habilidades de oratoria, persuasión y análisis crítico para participar en diferentes competencias. Sin embargo, recientemente un grupo de cinco estudiantes tomaron los roles de jueces y entrenadores en el torneo de debate de la Liga Urbana de Debate de la Ciudad de Nueva York (NYCUDL, por sus siglas en inglés).

Durante las reuniones de la Asociación Nacional de Ligas de Debate Urbanas (NAUDL, por sus siglas en inglés) se discutió el deseo de expandir las oportunidades para las divisiones en español. Como parte de las iniciativas, Amisha Mehta, directora ejecutiva de NYCUDL, extendió la invitación a los estudiantes de la BDL a formar parte de uno de sus torneos de escuela media como jueces e instructores.

Cinco estudiantes con envidiables trayectorias dentro del debate representaron a BDL en esta competencia. Estos debatientes también representaron a sus respectivas escuelas: BINCA, Brighton High y Everett High.

Esta invitación de NYCUDL consistía de dos partes: una conversación con tres abogados de un bufete de abogados y la participación dentro del torneo como jueces.

Tres abogados latinos de Morrison Foerster, se sentaron con los estudiantes para compartir sus experiencias. Dentro de muchos otros, la conversación consistió sobre las diferentes carreras dentro de la abogacía, las ventajas laborales del bilingüismo, y los obstáculos de ser parte de una minoría. Esta conversación inspiró a los debatientes a estar orgullosos de su latinidad e idioma y muchos de ellos están interesados en seguir una carrera relacionada con leyes. 

Antes del torneo, los estudiantes aprendieron acerca del formato de debate de NYCUDL (foro público), desde las reglas hasta el propósito de cada discurso, para poder ser jueces calificados. Además, los debatientes prepararon una ronda demostrativa para los estudiantes de Nueva York.

En el día de la competencia, los estudiantes de Boston pusieron en práctica sus habilidades de escucha activa a la hora de juzgar a los debates de Nueva York. Los estudiantes de nuestra liga quedaron sorprendidos con el nivel de argumentación y oratoria de parte de los debatientes neoyorkinos. 

Luego de las rondas de debate, los debatientes de NYCUDL escucharon los argumentos de nuestros estudiantes en la ronda de exhibición, en la cual los estudiantes tomaron prestado argumentos de los propios debatientes presentados en el torneo. 

La invitación de parte de la Liga Urbana de Debate de la Ciudad de Nueva York fue fructífera tanto para sus debatientes como para los nuestros, ya que, aprendieron el uno del otro. Este intercambio es importante para este grupo de debatientes porque logran crecer, no solo como debatiente, sino también como líderes dentro de su propia comunidad, que en un futuro, liderarán nuestro país.

The Debate en Español (DeE) varsity debaters of the Boston Debate League (BDL) are constantly improving their skills in public speaking, persuasion, and critical analysis in order to participate in various competitions. Recently, a group of five debaters took on the roles of judges and coaches in a Spanish debate tournament of the New York City Urban Debate League (NYCUDL).

During the meetings of the National Association of Urban Debate Leagues (NAUDL), there was a discussion about the desire to expand opportunities for Spanish-language divisions. As part of this initiative, Amisha Mehta, executive director of the NYCUDL, extended an invitation to BDL students to be part of one of their middle school tournaments as judges and instructors.

Five varsity debaters with impressive debate backgrounds represented BDL in this competition. These debaters also represented their respective schools: BINCA, Brighton High, and Everett High. 

The invitation from NYCUDL consisted of two parts: a conversation with three lawyers from a law firm and participation in the tournament as judges.

Three Latino lawyers from Morrison Foerster  sat down with debaters to share their experiences. Among other topics, the conversation focused on different careers in law, the career advantages of bilingualism, and the challenges of being part of a minority. This conversation inspired the debaters to take pride in their Latin identity and language, with many expressing interest in pursuing a career in law.

Before the tournament, the students learned about the NYCUDL debate format (public forum), from the rules to the purpose of each speech, to be qualified judges. In addition, the debaters prepared a demonstration round for the New York students.

On the day of the competition, the BDL debaters put their active listening skills to use when judging the debates in New York. BDL debaters were impressed by the level of argumentation and public speaking skills demonstrated by the New York debaters.

After the debate rounds, NYCUDL debaters carefully listened to the arguments of our students in the exhibition round, where the middle school debaters then proceeded to utilize them in their own rounds.

The invitation from the New York City Urban Debate League was fruitful for both their debaters and ours, as they learned from each other. This exchange is important for this group of debaters because it helps them grow not only as debaters but also as leaders within their own community, who will eventually lead our country in the future.

Bonnie Butkas, Managing Director of Development, joined the BDL in February of 2024. She is a community-minded nonprofit leader with a background in arts administration and front-line fundraising. She led development efforts at Geva Theatre Center, the York Theatre Company, TADA! Youth Theatre, and Bristol Valley Theatre, and led foundation relations at Rochester Institute of Technology. She was the Executive Director of Merrimack Repertory Theater in Lowell, MA for five years and most recently served as a development consultant at the New Art Center in Newton, MA.
Julianna Maximo, Administrative Coordinator, joined the BDL in October 2023, but has been involved in the League since she was a sophomore at Brighton High School. Over the years, she has worn many hats for the organization – from coaching debate at English High School, to being a tournament operations volunteer and logistics intern, to helping organize the first EBA Across Boston Conference in 2016. Beyond the BDL, Julianna worked in the service industry for almost ten years, focusing on education and quality control in specialty coffee. It was through this work that she became directly involved with labor organizing and local mutual aid groups, and realized her passion for building and fostering community, whether that be chatting with the coffee shop regulars from behind the counter or hosting neighborhood-wide events. Outside of the office, Julianna spends most of her time out on walks with her dog, making ceramics, or reading.
Kelly Cody, Senior Volunteer Manager, joined the BDL in October 2021. In her role at BDL, she manages and stewards relationships with volunteers and volunteer partners as well as helps lead the external affairs work of the organization. A former policy debater and coach with over 13 years in the debate community, she is no stranger to the world of debate and loves leveraging her position to positively impact the community that she feels influenced her so heavily. Kelly has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Master’s degree in Biotechnology from the University of Texas at Dallas. She enjoys using her scientific background and previous experience in the biotech industry to emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of debate and how the skills cultivated from the activity are crucial in all fields.
Joshua Nixon, Resolved/After-School Program Manager, joined the BDL in July 2022. In his role at BDL, he co-directs Middle School tournaments, collaborates with administrators and teachers to launch and manage debate teams and practices, works with the Assistant Director of Programs and facilitates Resolved sessions at partner schools alongside another Program Manager. Since graduating as a BDL alum in 2009, Josh has remained involved with debate, from coaching at his high school, Academy of Public Service, and at Brighton High School, to leading judge training and even volunteering as a judge. He loves working for the BDL because he believes that debate can help so many individuals who really need it. The passion and love his co-workers have for their work is extremely inspiring and keeps Josh working hard as well. Before coming to the BDL, Josh served eight years in the US Army National Guard as an IT Specialist/ Analyst. He lives in Quincy and loves spending his free time relaxing,
Douglas Matute
Douglas Matute, Program Manager for Debate en Español, joined BDL in July 2022. Prior to his arrival at BDL, Douglas worked as a Laser Research and Development Engineer while simultaneously teaching 9th-grade Physics at the Margarita Muñiz Academy, a bilingual high school located in Jamaica Plain. During this period, he also served as a coach for Muñiz’s Debate en Español team. In his role as a program manager, he aspires to expand Debate en Español across Boston Public Schools, aiming to help Latinx students enhance their debating abilities while mastering challenging topics. He holds a BS in Physics from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. When not working at BDL, he enjoys shredding gnarly MTB trails or bouldering in the woods.
Ranner Faugas, Director of Resolved, joined the BDL as a full-time staff member in 2015, but has been a part of the BDL community for over 15 years – as a debater in high school and an intern during his college years. As a staff member, Ranner has served in many different roles, including Operations Associate, program manager, and Assistant Director of After School Debate. In his current role, he leads the implementationt of the Resolved program in Boston Public Schools to engage and empower Black and Latino boys and young men in middle and high school. Ranner holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Philosophy from the University of Massachusetts Boston and a certificate in Nonprofit Leadership from the Institute for Nonprofit Practice. In his free time, Ranner enjoys reading and traveling.
Roger Nix, Director of After-School Debate, joined the BDL in July 2015. Before joining the organization, he was involved with BDL as a founding debate coach, EBA teacher leader and grad class content leader (precursor to Debate-Inspired Classrooms) at the Edward M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers. Outside of his debate work, Roger taught math and special education classes, and started the baseball and track teams at EMK. He has an undergraduate degree in mathematics from Northeastern University and a master’s degree in education from Boston College. He also has a certificate in Nonprofit Leadership from the Institute for Nonprofit Practice. His favorite thing about working for BDL is helping build a community of students who care deeply about the program and want to give back as interns, judges, and coaches when they graduate. Roger currently lives in Roslindale, loves spending his free time bowling and playing softball, and chasing his one-year-old daughter around the playground.
Carlos Monteiro, Debate-Inspired Instructional Coach, joined the BDL in 2021. Carlos is a Math and Science educator with 10 years of experience teaching English Learner (EL) students in Boston Public Schools before moving to a district position in Boston for an additional three years as a Data Inquiry Facilitator. As a teacher, he was part of the school’s Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) as the Science team leader while also teaching Algebra and Physics to students who had recently arrived in the country. In the district, Carlos worked alongside six school leaders each year helping to organize and plan the school staff structures (i.e. teacher team meetings, ILT, and professional development). In his role as a Data Inquiry Facilitator, Carlos also helped plan and lead district wide professional development sessions aligned to district priorities. He holds a BA in Math from Boston College and an MEd from UMASS Boston. Carlos is currently a Debate-Inspired Classrooms Instructional Coach at three schools across Boston where he works directly with teachers to create engaging activities that promote students’ thinking and discourse. As a father of three girls, he loves the work-life balance that BDL provides.
Sarah Mayper, Senior Instructional Coach for Debate-Inspired Classrooms, joined the BDL in 2014. Her longevity in the organization is due to her absolute love for her job and her colleagues, as well as her endless optimism about education and her belief in the power of young people. Sarah graduated from Brown University with a BA in English and American Literature, received her MA in Literacy, Language, and Culture at Stanford University, and received her Ed.D. in curriculum and teaching from Boston University. Over the course of her career in education beginning in 1987, she spent twenty years teaching English, Humanities, and Theater, and directing plays in public schools. Her interest in arts education led her to work with the California Arts Project and serve as the Director of Education for a Latina feminist theater nonprofit in San Francisco, as well as lead professional development focused on the arts and literacy for teachers around the Bay Area. With the BDL, Sarah has been a Debate-Inspired coach in nine Boston schools and led a research project on Debate-Inspired Classrooms with a team from BU School of Education, funded by the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative. She adores her BDL colleagues and appreciates their patience with her endless need to explain word derivations.
Marisa Suescun, Managing Director of Programs, joined the BDL in July 2013. Marisa has spent 20+ years working on behalf of public education equity through many avenues: she has taught students, coached teachers, trained youth leaders, and fostered community partnerships. She began her career teaching elementary school, in the first cohort of NYC Teaching Fellows. She completed the Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs, and helped lead Coro’s Exploring Leadership program for NYC high school students. Before joining the BDL, Marisa worked at Teach Plus in Boston, facilitating district and school partnerships to foster teacher leadership. Marisa earned her BA in American Studies from Wesleyan University, and MS in Education from City College of New York. At the BDL, Marisa leads and works alongside an incredible team that implements BDL’s three programs, After School Debate, Debate-Inspired Classrooms, and Resolved. Marisa savors being part of a BDL community of students, educators, staff, and supporters who are as brilliant as they are empathic, critical but also earnest, and who bring joy and humor to the work of striving for a more just world.
Kimberly Bartlett-Ra, Managing Director of Operations, joined the BDL in July 2015. In addition to the BDL, Kimberly’s 20+ year career in the nonprofit sector includes two years of service with AmeriCorps*NCCC, several years at a social enterprise organization serving adults with mental health disabilities, and several years as the founding Director of Operations at the Brooke Charter Schools. Kimberly has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Brown University and an MBA from the Yale School of Management. In her role at the BDL, Kimberly leads the Finance, Human Resources, and Office Management functions of the organization. Kimberly appreciates being a part of a vibrant community of staff, educators, and debaters that are constantly pushing to make the world a better place and will not accept the status quo.

In 2021, Kim Willingham was named Executive Director – the first woman and first Black leader – of the Boston Debate League. Before being named ED, Kim served as the BDL’s Director of Culture and Engagement and prior to that as an Instructional Coach on the Debate-Inspired Classrooms team. Throughout her 20+ years in education, Kim has held multiple leadership positions. She began her career as a Teach for America Corps Member in the Crescent City – New Orleans, LA – where she taught 6th grade ELA and Social Studies. Kim earned an EdM from Harvard Graduate School of Education and a BS from Eastern Michigan University. Her experience also includes several years in school leadership and education consulting. Originally from the Motor City, she now resides in Dorchester with her two children. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time in nature. Kim is grateful for the joy she gets to experience daily working with the students, teachers, volunteers, and staff of the BDL community.

Jackney Prioly Joseph, Managing Director of External Affairs, joined BDL in September 2020. Jackney leads BDL’s efforts to engage and partner with community and corporate organizations to create a community of support for our students. She previously served as Director of College and Career Readiness at the Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education. She has diverse leadership experience in education, nonprofits, and city government where she served under Mayor Thomas M. Menino and former City Councilor, now Congresswoman, Ayanna Pressley. A Bryn Mawr College and Posse Foundation alum identified for her extraordinary leadership, Jackney works to secure partnerships that will tap and sharpen the leadership skills of our program participants. She is inspired by the young debaters who hone the use of their voices to not only make winning arguments but to advocate for change. Jackney received her Masters in Public Administration from Northeastern University and is an alum of the Institute for Nonprofit Practice.