Our Organizational Values

The staff of the Boston Debate League engaged in a lengthy and comprehensive process to identify the core organizational values that make the Boston Debate League what it is. The values we adopted are outlined below and explain who we are and how we go about fulfilling our mission and engaging with our partners and stakeholders.

We hold ourselves and those with whom we partner to the highest standard in order to achieve our mission with integrity and deliver programs that have meaningful impact. From a growth mindset, we use data and feedback from all stakeholders to evaluate the effectiveness of our work and improve the quality of our programs and organization. Ultimately, we hold ourselves accountable to students throughout Boston.

We lead with compassion and recognize the importance of treating all individuals as whole, complex, feeling people. We assume the best in each other in all interactions, particularly while discussing and challenging each other’s ideas. We commit to seeking the fun and joy in our work.

Belief in Students
The students we serve are from diverse racial, ethnic, linguistic, ability, and socio-economic backgrounds. We value such diversity and believe in the innate ability of each student to succeed. We believe that our work with students has the power to transform their lives and, therefore, engage students as critical thinkers who are agents of their own learning.

We are dedicated to building and sustaining a diverse community of staff, coaches, volunteers, and students, and seek to employ a staff that is reflective of the demographics of the students we serve. We embrace and seek to include the range of ideas, experiences, backgrounds, and opinions that each brings.

Power of Language
We acknowledge that language has broad implications and has the power to influence and create reality. We commit to making careful and conscious decisions about our language. We endeavor to use communication – whether verbal, written, or visual – that respects and values all stakeholders.

Racial Justice
Given the historical and continued systemic oppression faced by individuals of color, and the resulting opportunity gap, we seek to increase access for Boston Public School students to engage in academically rigorous learning experiences. Through our programming, we provide an avenue for students to develop their voices and enhance their critical thinking and leadership skills, thereby contributing to high educational aspirations and achievement. We continually endeavor to deepen our racial and cultural understanding and recognize the impact our policies, practices, and attitudes have on our staff, students, teachers, parents, and volunteers.

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