Volunteer to be a Mentor

One of the most exciting and rewarding ways you can volunteer with the Boston Debate League is to
become a mentor. BDL mentors work consistently with a team of students at a weekly after-school
practice at one of our member schools. As a mentor, you will have the chance to forge strong bonds
with your students as you help them succeed academically and socially.

On the same day each week, a BDL mentor travels to the assigned school and works, with their
teacher-coaches, to run the debate practice. These will typically last for about an hour and a half and
start between 2pm and 3pm. To ensure the mentor and coach are on the same page, coordination of
a lesson plan prior to each practice is essential and the BDL will assist this process with a weekly
curriculum handout.

This program is open to persons with and without debate backgrounds—a passion for working with
urban youth can take a mentor much farther than years of debate experience. The BDL will be
available to provide concise trainings throughout the year to help support all interested mentors.

· Consistent presence at a weekly practice starting in October and ending in mid-March
· Weekly coordination of lesson ideas and goals with coaches.
· Attend a training prior to beginning the program and be available by email or phone
periodically to discuss progress at your school.
· Be a positive and affirming role-model who promotes the values and mission of the BDL.

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