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This page contains EBA resources for 10th Grade ELA.

Example Claims

Exemplar ELA Worksheets

Skill One

Skill Two

Skill Three

Skill Four

Skill Five

Example Lesson Plans/Activities

Unit 1- Conflict, Setting, Mood, Character Traits, Character Motivation

Unit 2- Author’s Purpose, Inference, Characterization

Unit 3- Theme, Universal Theme, Symbol, Conclusions, Inferences

Unit 4- Persuasive Techniques, Face and Opinion, Rhetorical Devices, Summarize, Reasoning, Argument-Counterargument

Unit 5- Poetic Form, Figurative Language, Imagery, Sound Devices

Unit 6- Writer’s Background, Historical Context, Cultural Context

Unit 7- Media Tactics, Covert and Overt Imaging, Media Spin, Interpretive Documentary Lens, Internet Credibility

Unit 8- Characteristics of Shakespearean Drama and Tragedy

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