Resources for Coaches

BDL Coach Community Resources and Materials are meant to support BDL coaches and the broader debate community. Whether or not you are a BDL coach, feel free to use our resources to support your debate program. If you are a BDL coach and are having trouble locating a resource, please reach out to your program manager. For non-BDL coaches, please direct your questions to:

For all resources, please start with our Coach Community Materials 2016-2017. For some of our most frequently requested materials, see below:

1) 2016-2017 Curriculum

BDL Debate Curriculum 2016-2017

2) Coach Support Materials

This folder contains a variety of resources to support coaches including: Graphic Organizers, ELL-specific materials, Parent Engagement, Practice Supports, Recruitment Supports, Research Guides, Speech & Flowing Drills for Practice, Team Culture Building Supports, and other general supports for students.

Coach Support Materials

3) Core Evidence Files

Core Evidence Files can be accessed here, appearing as full packets and individual files in PDF and DOC formats:

BDL Evidence Files 2016-2017

4) DRAFT Tournament Calendar

DRAFT Tournament Calendar 2016-2017

5) Coach Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Coach Meeting Agendas and Minutes

6) Retention of Novices

Draft Early Dismissal Request to Headmaster
Early Release Slips Template
Draft E-mail to Faculty about Early Releases
Draft Early Dismissal Announcement


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