Amelia Peabody Challenge Grant

“Debate has changed the culture of Brighton High School…Our debaters are like rock stars! Everyone knows who they are and the school is so proud of them. Debate makes it cool to be smart.”
– Brighton High School Teacher

This year we aim to make 600 rock stars out of BPS students. As we take our expansion to the the next level we will work to give even more students the confidence and the tools they need to succeed in school and beyond. And we need your help to make it happen!

The Amelia Peabody Foundation has generously promised to match every gift between $250 and $1,000 between now and December 1st. This dollar-for-dollar match is an incredible opportunity to make a gift to the BDL go twice as far. However we need to raise $25K before we can qualify for the $25K match.

We’re doubling our Impact. Help us by doubling yours!

Doubling our Impact: The District

The 2011-2012 school year is our most ambitious year to-date and the Boston Public Schools is on board! Teachers, headmasters, and administrators are extremely excited about the substantial impact our programs have on their students and in their schools. After tripling their investment last year, they are doubling it again for this next school-year. That puts the pressure on us to raise the funds to double-match that investment and ensure that our programs reach as many students as possible.

Doubling our Impact: The Students

We already know the benefits of participating in debate. Debaters are 42% more likely to graduate high school than  non-debaters. African-American male debaters are 70% more likely to graduate high school than African-American males who do not debate.

To achieve that end, we are poised to double the number of students participating in the league next year. From less than 100 students a few years ago, 600 students will be a part of their school’s debate team next year.

Doubling our Impact: The Teachers

This year we are rolling out our new Evidence Based Argumentation (EBA) Initiative. This exciting new program trains teachers to use debate techniques in their classroom to engage students in student-centered, rigorous instruction as an alternative to lectures and handouts.

In the past month we trained over 90 teachers in EBA and over the course of the year we will be on the ground in member schools, working with hundreds of teachers and their headmasters to develop tailored approaches for each school.

“This is the most useful Professional Development I have ever done in the BPS. Both the content for the course and the format have allowed me to grow more as an educator in one week than I typically do in months of training”
-EBA Grad Class Participant

Doubling Your Impact

At this crucial time in our growth, please help us make sure we are not turning away $25K by making a gift of $250 or more before December 1st.

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