Boston Debate League Hosts the Rhode Island Urban Debate League

On March 1st and 2nd, English High School and TechBoston Academy simultaneously hosted over 300 middle school and high school debaters from Boston and Rhode Island, all of whom were competing for a division championship at our 5th Tournament of the year.  With only two weeks before our City Championship, teams were at near-peak performance, wowing even the notoriously hard-to-please Rhode Island judges, most of whom are former debaters and current students at Brown University.

In the High School Division at TechBoston HS, Boston Latin Academy won the tournament championship with Excel High School earning second place honors, in what turned out to be a very hard fought competition against Rhode Island Urban Debate League and Boston Debate League debaters.  In the Championship division, Boston Debate League’s top seeded team of Darien Amado and Ted White were upset by underdogs Janet Novack and Brendon Morris of the hybrid team of Davies/Classical High Schoosl, who came into the round after defeating their League’s top seeded team and their long-term rivals Rachel Memoff and Walker Mayer of Classical High School .  Not to be forgotten, Henry Chavez of BLA and Elvis Alvarado of NMHS/BCLA earned the top and second place speaker awards in the Championship division.  In the Varsity division, TechBostons Jennie Lai and 2nd place speaker, Julia Alexis won their first Varsity Championship against BLA’s very worthy team of Tayo Stuppard and Auggie Boltorf with  RIUDL debater, Chavelin Romero of Mount Pleasant High School earning a gavel as the division’s top speaker.  In JV, top speaker, Kiana Peralta and Alejandro Claudio of Central High School RIUDL’s defeated Burke’s former JV champions Jemal Monteiro and Abdah St. Fleur in a 2-1 decision.   In the Novice division, mavericks Niti Patel and Xavier Brodie of BLA and NMHS/BCLA, respectively had a very rigorous final round, ending with Niti Patel as the tournament Champion and the division’s top speaker.  See full results here.

At English High School, Brighton High School maintained the tournament Championship for the 5th time this year, with a strengthening Charlestown right behind them, earning 2nd place honors.  In the Varsity division, the experienced top speaker, JP Parent of East Boston defeated the new pair of Ingrid Mile and Sonia Jethro Enedouwa in a close round.  In JV, JQUS’s Brieana Valdez and Simon Wu faced the very worthy Kiah Gehters and Mark Hazlewood, whom they narrowly defeated to win the JV Championship.  Also worthy of note in the JV division is Iliana Mendez of Brighton whose impressive speaking skills earned her a gavel as top speaker.  In the novice division Westie reappears as victors with Earl Benders and Junior Emmanuel defeating Adjane Pierre-Canal and top speaker, Brandon Scott of Charlestown High School in a very engaging debate round.  See full results here.

As always, many thanks are due to our coaches and headmasters for a very competitive BDL v. RIUDL tournament!  Also, thank you to our volunteer judges! Tiffany McClelland, Julia Chopay, Tarae Howell, and Dakota Rice won the outstanding judge awards for this weekend and at our last tournament on March 15th and 16th  it could be you!  Please sign up to judge here!  Judging is easy, rewarding, no experience is necessary, and training is done at the tournament site.

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