A Very Competitive City-Wide Middle School, Varsity, and Championship Tournament at English HS!

On December 14th and 15th, English High School hosted a very competitive city-wide competition between every Middle School, Varsity, and Championship debater in Boston.  In the last city-wide tournament before the city championship in March it was clear that every team came prepared to prove that they were the team to beat for one of the 2 spots at Nationals.  With competition this rigorous, debaters left their rounds more committed than ever to do additional research and preparation before the next tournament.

In the High School division Boston Latin Academy won the tournament championship with only one more total wins than the New Mission/BCLA squad.  In Varsity, BLA’s Maryanne Pasiewicz and Tinyan Omere won the championship with their teammates Ayub Sharif and Elahd Hain  coming in second place via closeout, after close semi-final rounds against Charlestown’s 1st place speaker, Angie Auguste and Cuneyd Unal and NMHS/BCLA’s Fatah Adan and Elvis Alvarado.  Also worthy of praise is Sonia Jethro Enedouwa who in her first Varsity tournament earned 2nd place Varsity speaker.

In Championship, New Mission’s Darien Amado and 1st place speaker, Ted White defeated Brighton’s Richard Davis and Rachel Dunning to defend their undefeated record.  Also worthy of praise is 2nd place speaker Henry Chavez of BLA and 4th place speaker and newly minted championship debater, Jeffrey Reid who made it to semi-finals in his first Championship appearance.

In the Middle School division, Timilty, once again, captured the tournament Championship, beating runner-up TechBoston.  In the Novice Division, Timilty’s Joyce Vega and Miles Wheeler won the division with Eliot’s Baylor Moniz and Sarah White coming in second place and  Irving’s Janaea Sealey earning the top speaker award.  In the JV division, Eliot’s Meron Adhana and Dejah Morales won the division with Timilty’s 1st place speaker, Lanezja August  and Oscar Monterrey coming in second place.

As always, many thanks are due to our coaches and headmasters for a fantastic, final Middle School, Varsity, and Championship tournament of 2012!

Also, thank you to our volunteer judges!   Sarah Pizzano and David Vu won the outstanding judge award this weekend and at our next tournament on January 18th and 19th it could be you!  Please sign up to judge here!  Judging is easy, rewarding, no experience is necessary, and training is done at the tournament site.

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