BDL Tournament 2 – Tough Competition Abounds

With a large novice division and with many students being promoted to JV and Varsity, each division was swelling with tough competition.  Most impressive were the competitive resilience, analytical rigor, and intellectual curiosity of our debaters who, well after rounds ended on Friday and Saturday night were still rehashing central arguments from their debate rounds in the halls of TechBoston and English High School with their peers.

At English High School, Brighton High School had a repeat performance – taking home the tournament championship for the second time this year.  Charlestown High School for their part repeated as the tournament’s runner up and the team of Angie Auguste and Cuneyd Unal captutred the Varsity Championship over East Boston.  Of particular note was the performance of JQUS’s novice team of Simon Wu and Briena Valdez who defeated Brighton’s Orlando and Yaritizi in the novice finals.  Further, congratulations are due to Jeffrey Reid of English High School, Sharaad Chase of East Boston, and Yaritizi Nunez of Brighton High School who respectively earned top speaker in the Varsity, JV, and Novice Divisions this weekend at English High.  See full Tournament 2 Results – English HS.

At Tech Boston Academy, the other half of the High School Division, Boston Latin Academy stole the show, winning the Tournament Championship, closing out the Varsity division after the quarterfinals, and winning the top speaker award in Novice (Robert Moakley) and JV (Augustine Bottorf).  A close runner up was New Mission, whose top Varsity team, composed of top speaker Fatah Adan and second place speaker Elvis Alvarado were upset in the quarterfinals, but whose JV team of Amira Patterson and Carine Barbosa took the JV Championship and whose Novice team of Randell Polanco and Jason Barrows lost a close finals match.  Also, deserving of praise was the performance of Burke High School whose Novice team of Randell Polanco and Jason Barrows won the Novice Championship and whose JV team of Jemal Monteiro and Abdah St. Fleur competed as JV finalists.  See full Tournament 2 Results – TechBoston.

Many thanks are due to our coaches and headmasters who, without their hard work the youth of Boston would not be exposed to the engaging, enlivening, and empowering activity of debate.  Special thanks are due to our tournament hosts at TechBoston Academy and English High School who provide us with a great location to host our tournaments in our student’s neighborhoods.

As always, we are most appreciative of those who volunteered to judge this past weekend; debate rounds literally cannot happen without you.  With about 400 students competing each weekend we need 100 plus judges per round!  Please sign up to volunteer at our next tournament here.  Judging is easy, rewarding, no experience is necessary, and training is done at the tournament site.  Supporting Boston Public School students has never been easier; just listen, choose a winner, and give feedback and you will give a student a voice!  Our next tourament will be at Brighton High School on December 7th/8th – we hope to see you there!

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