Students Pack FRB Boston

This past Wednesday, the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston opened its doors to the Boston Debate League’s OVERTIME student seminar. Eighty-five students hailing from all twelve BDL high schools came to trade debate strategies, listen to experts speak about the topic, and work with experienced debate mentors. With the final tournament of 2011 rapidly approaching, the was pressure on to find an advantage among the deep field of talented debaters in the city.

After time for pizza and socializing with friends from other schools, students were treated to a stimulating talk from three Ph.D. candidates from MIT’s Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences. Special thanks are due to Alex Evans, Yodit Tewelde, and Mike Sori for presenting such useful material and to department chair Dr. Maria Zuber, Ph.D. for coordinating the talk. If the debaters had their way, these scientists would be teaching at every practice.

Later, students split into small groups and applied this new knowledge to actual debate speeches with the guidance of several volunteers. As always, the work of the BDL would be impossible without the amazing dedication of these community debate supporters.

The Boston Debate League would like to thank Advisory Council member Elbert Hardeman, his colleague Lillian Seay, and the entire FRB of Boston for their time and generosity. If this OVERTIME is any guide, the FRB-BDL partnership will be a boon for Boston’s students.

Come see the debaters in action at the next BDL tournament on December 9 & 10. Click HERE to volunteer!

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