BDL Students Rose Pierre-Louis AND Aissata Barry receive POSSE Scholarships- the second and third BDL students in the last two years!

The Boston Debate League seeks not only to foster the creation of strong debaters, but strong people — Rose Pierre-Louis and Aissata Barry are a testament to that. Rose attends Boston Latin Academy and has excelled this year as a debater, most recently reaching the Quarterfinals at the Interstate Debate Classic. Aissata attends English High School, and has also had a good deal of debate success, winning a tournament as a novice earlier this year as well as recent successes in the Junior Varsity division.  However, their debate achievements are dwarfed by their academic accolades. Recently, Rose and Aissata were selected as the recipients of a highly competitive and prestigious scholarship from the POSSE Foundation. Rose was nominated by the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition as she has overcome considerable hurdles in her life as a first generation immigrant. The scholarship entitles each of them to complete tuition for four years of college at an institution of their choosing. Rose will be attending Bryn Mawr university, her top choice overall while Aissata will be attending Denison in the fall. The Boston Debate League would like to congratulate Rose and Aissata on their amazing accomplishments, and wish them the best in all future endeavors. More information on this can be found HERE.

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