Interstate Debate Classic @ English High Results!

The Boston Debate League had another fantastic tournament this past weekend at English High. The BDL had another opportunity to continue its partnership with the RIUDL as Rhode Island sent over 60 debaters to the tournament. When it was all said and done, it was the largest urban debate tournament in New England history. Congratulations to everyone who participated for helping the BDL reach this historic milestone!

In the Novice division, Rhode Island made their presence in Boston known — Classical B (Julia Cooper and Alice Rayner) defeated English A (Ellie Nguyen and Davonne Manor) and Rachel Mernoff (Classical) was top speaker. Meanwhile, in the JV division Boston bounced back as Josiah Quincy C (Yue Chen and Jason Wong) defeated Boston Latin F (Michael John and Evan Gilmer) and Walter Mayer (Classical) was top speaker. Lastly, in the Varsity division, New Mission High School absolutely dominated the leaderboard. New Mission D (Gena White and Darien Amado) and New Mission E (Ted White and Jason Stengal) closed out finals, while the brother/sister combo of Ted and Gina were also first and second speaker overall.

Complete results can be found HERE.

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